Miracles of Jesus, Homily

Ezekiel 1:2-5, 24-28c

If any of you are History channel buffs, you will recognize our first reading today from Ezekiel as a passage often used by the program “Ancient Aliens” as a proof text that we have been visited in the past by other life forms.

If we could get as much enthusiasm generated for the coming of Jesus Christ as we do for that program about the Ancient Alien possibility, we could go a long way in converting the world for Him.

Our Gospel from Matthew shares with us the story of the temple tax and Jesus’ miraculous solution. He has Simon Peter catch a fish and take from its mouth a coin that was worth twice the amount required, enough for both of them.

We’ve heard that story and others so many times that we have lost our enthusiasm for some of the physical miracles that Jesus did perform. The impact is that we forget that Jesus said we, today, would perform miracles just like he performed and even more besides, unquote.

Consequently, we miss seeing miracles happen today or worse rationalize them away.

Yet, I would be willing to bet that every living one us here today has witnessed miracles that defy logic and probability. Wouldn’t it be interesting to sit down one day and have everyone share their experiences? But, not today…

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