God’s Eyes Are On The Sparrow

While it is true as presented in scripture that we walk by faith and not by sight, occasionally, God allows us to see something that defies all odds of being seen.  Our family shared in such a sight on vacation this year.

As we arrived at the lake house and began to explore, someone noticed a bird nest on the porch railing. It was located inside a flower-pot and was filled with baby blue birds. Their mom and dad seemed to be comfortable feeding them as we gathered on the porch. Mom and dad used a tree branch about 20 ft away from the actual nest as a staging area to bring bugs and worms to the babies.

As the week passed there was a noticeable increase in the size of the birds and in the number of feeding trips to the nest by both parents. The little ones began to stretch out their wings and we could tell that it was getting close to the time for them to leave the nest.

Meanwhile, we human parents began to put words in the mouths of the bird parents to the amusement of everyone. For instance, when the larger baby bird started hopping up on the rim of the flower-pot, the father bird would fly down and peck him in the head as if to say, “You’re not as ready to fly the nest as you think you are”. The baby bird would hop back down into the security of the nest. We likened that to human parents telling their teenaged children the same thing when they attempted premature actions.

Early one morning the babies were all still asleep and the father bird arrived at the staging area with a large worm in his beak. He watched and watched for a while and looked as if he hated to wake them and start the day in the feeding frenzy that was sure to follow; so, with a flick of his head he ate the worm himself and flew away.

As the week neared its end, the large baby hopped up on the rim of the pot and flexed his wings and made several bends of his legs and, poof, off he went right to the staging branch where his parents were sitting. They checked him over and he flew off with the mother bird into the trees. She returned after a while and the two parents began their feeding of the remaining birds.

The last day, the remaining babies hopped up on the edge of the flower-pot and one after the other fledged on their maiden flight right up to the same staging branch. Those two were filmed on cell phone video.

Later that evening the mom and dad flew to the flower-pot nest and cleaned out the downy feathers and various other debris and departed, leaving the nest ready for the next family that needed room in the inn.

As we discussed all this activity over the week, we began to feel a sacredness about the event. We had watched Nature at its finest repopulate itself. We discussed that if God’s eyes were on the sparrow as presented in scripture, He had allowed our eyes to be on those blue birds. I must confess a certain envy as I compared the birds’ two-week preparation to enter the world to our human preparation of fifteen to twenty years for our own children.

Then again, it takes us a lifetime of preparation to enter Heaven.