Advent Reflection: Hope

Hope is the virtue of the “not yet.” We each have received by grace faith in God and in His Son, Jesus, and in all that has been revealed to us by Him. God, in having revealed his promise of everlasting life and happiness with Him through His son Jesus, we now hope toward that ultimate goal.

It is through the gift of the Spirit that we are able to see what our faith tells us is true and what we hope to possess. Through the Spirit we are able to see and experience a foretaste of life with God.

In this way, what we hope for is already present with us, though it is also not yet fully. Hope therefore strengthens us when the path is dark and enables us to see what we believe as true dwelling in our midst when dark times overshadow us, and it finally leads us to our ultimate happiness, life with God.

Blessed Advent!

Brother Nicholas Reynolds, OP

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