Make Me Happy, Please

There is in the heart of man a deeply held desire to be happy. Something draws us to situations that make us smile, laugh, and feel good all over. That desire for joy is an internal desire but we seem to always look outside of ourselves for that illusive joy.

In fact, most of us are way too dependent on others to make us happy. Some even feel anger when the outside person fails to make us happy. We treat them as if our unhappiness is all their fault and even punish them for failing to lift our spirits. It is as if we have not learned that part of the human condition is to fall short of the glory of being our best selves all the time. We seem to forget that not only do others fail us but we fail others as well.

Joy is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Truly, God wants us to be happy, but happy all the time? If we look at John 10, 10 we find God telling us  “I came that you might experience Life, life in all its fullness.” Fullness of life includes times that may be difficult that are on our plate to help us mature. Life is not one happy encounter after another. There are times when we are not happy at all. But, during those hard times we can still feel the inner joy of the Holy Spirit if we are open to it. That may not be a “haha” happy expression of joy, but it is an expression of faith on our part that no matter what, God loves us, that He is with us always, and that His every thought is for our good.