Why Did You Let That Happen, Lord?

When we have to face the death of a young person it often leaves us with a loss for words. We cannot explain it. It doesn’t make sense. They were just beginning their lives when they were cut down by death. Part of the void we feel in us has to do with those unanswered questions.

If the person is very old, we will grieve for them when they die but usually there aren’t the haunting questions that pop into our minds when the person is young. It’s almost as if we understand that because the person was old they had plenty of time to work out their relationship with God and thus we don’t feel quite the same sense of ‘loss before their time’ with the accompanying questions.

If the person is somewhere between the two extremes of young and old, then we are likely to linger over thoughts of their deaths with rationalizations such as, ‘they accomplished a lot’, ‘they’re in a better place’, or, ‘it was just too soon for them to go’. But, the disturbing questions we ask when a young person dies just don’t apply.

Death, is such a large part of life that it literally qualifies to be called a mystery. Even though we know that it awaits all of us, still, it is beyond our reason. At some point in our dealing with the death of a family member or a friend, we arrive at the point where we know, we don’t know, and gradually move toward acceptance. The questions still have not been answered. The feelings of loss still linger.

Scripture asks the question, “Oh death, where is your sting”. I think the sting is precisely at the point where we just don’t know what lies beyond it. The unknown is thrust upon us like it or not. As humans we like to be in control and understand life in a way that makes sense to us. When we are not in control or when it does not makes sense we are stung to the center of our being.

The Good News is that even in the face of the unknown we have the God-given gift of faith in Him. We know this world is a place of preparation for the next, and so whatever happens here will prepare us for what comes next, beyond this world.

We know that God loves us and His every response to us, is for our good and not our woe – even those things that we do not understand. It is our faith in Him that will see us through all the tough times that come our way that can help prepare us for the next world where we will see Him in His glory.

Once we arrive there, we can ask Him all the questions we have saved up to ask Him. Only, once we arrive, it won’t matter anymore, because we will be home with Him.


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