Is It All About You?

“It’s all about you…”

Most of us have been told that we should not be selfish, that everything is not all about us. We must be aware of the needs of others and think about their wellbeing.

I recently received a question from a friend who asked some rather pointed questions about this topic.

Imagine this dialog with the Lord:

“When you were born, as a small infant your parents were very attentive and chose all the best for you.  It was all about you.

“As you grew and attended school, your teacher was concerned that you learn and grow to be all you were capable of being. It was all about you.

“When you chose a profession with which to provide for yourself in the world, I made sure you had good insights available to aid you in your selection. It was all about you.

“As your adult life unfolded, I provided opportunities for you to grow and mature and give some of yourself to others to help them. It was all about you, but it was beginning to include others.

“When you reached old age, and starting to slow down a bit, you looked for ways to serve others to give yourself meaning and purpose in your life. It was all about them, with a little for you.

“Life has been a series of my slowly shifting you from it being all about you, to it being all about others.

“One day, you will realize that you are able to go long periods of time where you do not think about yourself at all. Your focus will all be on the good of others. At that point, you will understand the feeling I had as I hung on the cross so that it could all be about you and others. And, I will say to you, well done my faithful servant.”


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