Lent Is Here And That’s A Good Thing

When we think of the Lenten season we often equate it with little more than giving up something, then feeling good about having done that, and thereby disqualify any real benefit for ourselves. It becomes just another way to feed our ego.

Since Lent is an opportunity for us to imitate Jesus’ 40 days of fasting and facing the classic temptations in the desert, we should view those things about ourselves that need to change, taking another look at what we see in the mirror.

Fasting helps bring to the surface the weaknesses of our true selves to be examined. It doesn’t make us behave badly, it merely removes the veneer that we hide behind and exposes our bad behavior.

Therefore, there is a good reason to fast and abstain during Lent. We need to stop kidding ourselves about how nice we are and work on the things that need to improve. Hey, it’s only six weeks.