Celebrating Easter

Easter is not much of a kids holiday once they get past the basket of candy and baby chicks. Sure, children love to put on their finest clothes, eat the ears off the chocolate bunny, and maybe play with a baby chick or perhaps a baby bunny, but that’s about it. It’s a different kind of holiday from Christmas with its many gifts and music and pageantry.

What about adults? What is there in Easter with which adults identify?  Well, adults flock to churches in droves to celebrate Easter. Truly, they are more into the spiritual celebration of Easter than Christmas.

The virgin birth of Christ at Christmas is intriguing but in our linear way of thinking we know the Gospels will spend time showing Jesus’ life unfolding from childhood into adulthood. We’ll hear of the sparring between Jesus and the Pharisees about the Law, and of the miracles and healings He will perform.  All good stuff to be sure, but nothing like the truths that unfold at Easter.

Easter comes hard on the heels of Holy Week where we hear the last messages that Jesus gives His apostles typified by His example of washing their feet and telling them to do likewise. Good Friday He shows them that they must die with dignity, not only for those they love, but also their friends, not only their friends, but also strangers, not only strangers, but also strangers who are not very good people –  just like He did.

On Easter morning His disciples found the empty tomb and realized in a flash all that He had been telling them about His death and resurrection was true after all.  The impact of that truth was overwhelming.  No other god had ever died for his people like their God.

So, clearly Easter is a feast for adults. Not much in the way of fantasy and gifts, but rich to the mature spiritual mind that can understand and appreciate the content.


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