Palm Sunday Heralds Holy Week

Palm Sunday describes Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem in his final week on earth.  As the week unfolds, we see Him drawing closer and closer to the inevitable cross.  Holy Thursday we celebrate the washing of feet with its symbolism for all of us to follow His servant posture.  Good Friday with His brutal scourging and the cross, finally arrive.  He lays down His life for mankind past, present, and future.

He lays in the tomb until early Sunday morning and rises from the dead to defeat sin for all of us, and “by His stripes we are healed.”

There are three levels we should always consider and against which we should measure ourselves.  Level 1: Are we ready to lay down our life for someone we love deeply, like a spouse or family member?  Perhaps, most of us would.  Level 2: Are we ready to lay down our life for someone we consider a friend?  Here the number drops off a bit.  Level 3: Are we ready to lay down our life for a total stranger?  Hummm, here the number approaches zero.  And, if that stranger was a bad person, the number would definitely be zero.

Well, that’s what makes Christ’s sacrifice so absolutely incredible.  He laid down His life for all, the good and the bad alike.  Our God is truly one of a kind.

During this Holy Week let us measure ourselves by His actions and strive to love everyone, no matter how ‘good’ they are, no matter how valuable we think they are, and no matter how large or small their contributions are.  Our God loves us all, no matter where we land on any scale of value devised by mankind.


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