Pope Benedict 16th Retires

In an age when the norm is to seek as much power as possible and then hold onto it for dear life, the recent action of the Pope is amazing.  After eight years in office he announced that due to his failing health he would retire for the good of the church because he did not think he could continue to perform his duties effectively.

Speculations have run rampant about his ‘real’ reasons because no one can believe he would lay down that amount of power over one billion Catholics throughout the world.  Surely there must be some kind of political conspiracy involved many have stated in disbelief of his stated reasons.

And, yet on this first Sunday in Lent we heard the Gospel of Luke tell us about the temptations the Devil visited on Jesus, one of which was the temptation of power over all the kingdoms of the earth if Jesus would worship him.  Jesus’ answer was, “It is written: You shall worship the Lord, your God and Him alone shall you serve.”

How timely for this Gospel on the heels of the Pope’s decision to lay down his power as head of one billion souls for the overall good of them and the Church.  What a positive example he has given us.  Power in this world pales in comparison to what lies ahead in the next.

He is giving others with more physical & mental strength the opportunity to take his place and continue the long stated purpose of being , “The servant of the servants of God.”

The Pope is retiring, long live the Pope.


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