But, I Can’t Change, What Would People Say?

How many times do we hear a person described as a flip flopper?  He was for this, but now he is for that.  Constancy is highly prized in our country today. Certainly, we should hold to our values and not be quick to change to something else when it suits us, or the pressure is on us.

But, recently we heard a political figure being accused of changing positions.  The naysayers said he was a flip flopper.  He changed positions when it was politically valuable for him to do so.  His response to the charge was well stated and something we should consider in our own lives.  He noted, “Yes, I used to be in favor of the original position, but over time I have evolved in my life so that I see things differently.”  To persist in a position that he no longer believed in would have been fool hardy.

It should be desirable to grow in our perception of the way things are and be open to looking at them in a different way.  That should be the normal progression.  Must we maintain a position from cradle to grave without ever examining it for the need to change?

To answer that question, consider this.  If we keep doing the same thing over and over and expect to see a different result, that’s one definition of insanity.  Holding on to a belief we have out grown and failing to make an appropriate change is counter productive to all that is valuable to us.

Scripture tells us that when I was a child, I thought as a child, but now that I am an adult, I should put away the ways of the child.  And, we should all be open to new ways, new perceptions, and thus, possible new solutions.

As the Lenten season approaches, let us review what we believe.  Let us take another look at those thoughts and feelings we hold so dear.  Then, decide what needs to change and pray for the courage to make those changes.  If we do, then when Lent ends and Easter arrives, it may look a lot better than it has in years.


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