The Heart Of Silence

          It is in the silence that we are called, the mystical whisper that joys and gladden the heart, where joy and peace grip the heart in the midst of human emptiness that we know we are loved and held in inexhaustible mercy and Love. It is in the silence where no words are audible but the silent beating of the heart, for it is the place where no path remains of human designs, but the path of God. It is here where nothing remains, the place where nothing remains of “us,” but the silent beating of our heart, that resides the Heart of Perfect Silence, for it speaks no audible words, yet it is the only True Word. Though the silence does not speak with words that are audible, it alone speaks of one thing and that is the presence of God. It’s the Heart that is silent, a Heart that when all else passes, it remains. It is the place of our being, for all life begins and ends in silence, in which the Eucharist, the Heart of Perfect Silence is our beginning and ending.

          All life at its beginning speaks in silence. Just as Christ, who is True word, at the moment of His conception, spoke not with words to be heard, but instead spoke with words of the Heart, filling Mary’s heart with song and filling her lungs with praise, so too, the moment of our conception. The very presence of our being spoke, not with words to be heard, but in silence spoke words of the heart that brought great joy to many. All life ends in silence, for there are no spoken words, and all that remains is love born in their lives, the words of the heart, for the words of the heart is perfect desire and love. Just as Christ died on the cross and accomplished His mission. It was not by a word to be heard that it was accomplished. It was accomplished by a word by His own Heart, by an act of the Heart, out of which comes a pure act of desire and love. It was only by the inaudible words of the Heart of Christ that the hearts of men could listen, for as His Heart was pierced, so ours is pierced, so as He is broken, we are broken and made whole, so as He is poured out in compassion, so are we poured out in compassion. He is the Heart that has come in the form of bread to be broken with us and the cup of compassion to be poured out for us. When suffering draws us into the depths of silence, where we can no longer grasp at life, this is where the true heart is revealed and the words of its desire made known. Just as Christ’s Heart was exposed before all on the cross, it is here in perfect suffering that the heart is truly exposed before the world to reveal it’s pure song, to speak the words of the True Heart, in the Eucharist, recreating the hearts of men in perfect desire. It’s here that the power and presence of the Eucharist is made known to the hearts of men, returning the hearts of all into the Heart in which they were once fashioned. It’s here in this silence that we: know suffering, but have everlasting joy; know chaos, but have eternal peace; know anxieties and fears, but have hope beyond all telling; know we are broken and helpless, but have power to move on.

          When we are drawn to the altar of God and the Eucharist is exposed for all to see, all are moved to silence in the very presence of God. It is here in the silence that is the True Reality, for there are no words that we can say that express the reality that He is, but that He is Perfect Presence. It is here that we meet the fulfillment of all our desire, for He is True Desire. It is here that we meet the fullness of our being, for He is True Being. It is here that the words of our mouths are made empty, and all return to the very Word that gave birth to all creation out of silence. For it is here that we remember all that we are before God and that our hearts belong to the Heart of Christ, for He is True Remembrance. Out of our remembrance, we know of His Perfect Presence, not as in that we “know,” but that He knows us, for He is True Knowledge. The only thing we can know is that of God’s presence, and out of knowledge comes understanding, for nothing can be understood unless something is known. The only thing that can be understood is that of God’s desire and Love, not in so much that we “understand,” but that He has desired and loved us, for we are loved and desired beyond all “knowing.” It’s here that all that we were, all that we are, and all that we will be culminates into One Eternal Word spoken of the Heart into the silence, by an act of Love.

          All things then are truly perceived in silence, for He is the Heart of Perfect Silence, whose light blinds us to everything but Him, whose resounding voice deafens us to all but Him, whose all-embracing love paralyzes us to everything but Him, whose sweet goodness deadens our taste of everything, but His goodness. The Eucharist is the Heart of Perfect Silence, for it was only by a heart that the hearts of men would listen. It has spoken in silence throughout all of creation since the beginning, for all of creation sang of its eternal beauty long before words reached the ears of men. Just as Christ was crucified on a tree reaching toward the Father the very source of life and light, so every tree reaches for the sun, its life and light, for creation speaks of the reality of the True Reality that created it. True life is in True silence, for what words can the mouth say that the Heart can exclaim, and what words can the mouth exclaim that the Heart can proclaim.

Contributed by Bro. Nicholas


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