Don’t Let Me Jump To Conclusions

There’s a story about a man riding on the subway with three small children who were very rambunctious. Their fellow riders were quickly annoyed and began to grumble among themselves about the disturbance they were causing. People trying to read their papers and books and iPads were especially unhappy.

Finally, one really distraught person approached the father and began to read him the riot act about his children and demanded that he intervene and quiet them down. All the other passengers smiled and nodded their heads agreeing.

The young father looked up with red rimmed eyes and apologized profusely to the complainer and all the others. Then he stated that he and the kids had just lost his wife and their mother who had died about an hour ago in the hospital and they were on their way home. He noted that he didn’t know how he was going to carry on and guessed that the kids behavior was probably because they didn’t know how to deal with the loss of their mother. At that point, all heads dropped to stare at their laps. The mood in the car shifted quickly from righteous indignation to profound sorrow and embarrassment.

That is a demonstration of a paradigm shift.

That is why God says not to judge another, we never really know what is going on beneath the surface of their lives.


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