Overcoming Negativity is Not Easy.

One of the characteristics of the ancient Israelites was their tendency to grumble when things did not go their way.  The old testament said that they ‘murmured’ against God Himself.  The word murmur is a member of a group of words that  sound like what they mean.  Words like fizz, or hiss, or murmur are called onomatopoeia words.  

Anyway, we have the same problem today as the Israelites.  We, too, tend to murmur when things don’t go our way.  Before you know it the negativity becomes contagious and we find ourselves surrounded by our friends who learned from us how to be negative and the whole tone of our environment escalates.  It is one of the curses of mankind.

How do we combat that tendency?  How do we stop ourselves from being negative and infecting others?

Distraction works somewhat.  We make ourselves get busy with a task that demands our full attention.  Or, we can seek out positive people and let them influence us.  But, nothing works like the grand obsession.  We can allow ourselves to become so focused on the person of our Lord Jesus Christ and trying to imitate Him that we can’t help but be positive in the face of His goodness.

The old saying is still true today, “Keep your eyes on Jesus”!


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