Who Do You Think You Are, A Prophet?

The Gospel for the coming weekend tells the story of Jesus being referred to as a ‘local prophet’ and the inference was therefore they did not have to believe Him.  They knew Him as a carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James, and they took offense at Him.  It’s like they were saying, we know Him and His relatives; He’s one of us, so He’s no better than us.  Why should we listen to Him.  In other words, He’s not special, so why should He be entrusted with teaching in the temple.

That attitude continues today.  We want our special people to be special.  We have a problem with listening to them speak truth to us if we don’t envision them as special people.  Our modern-day prophets have been treated the same way: Martin Luther King, Henri Nouwen, Mother Teresa, Dali Lama, our favorite uncle, and God forbid – our parents.

Yet, God often includes His truth & wisdom for us couched in the everyday voice of someone close to us.  The friend who asks us if we are sure about a certain decision we made.  The mom who suggests we do this or that.  The boss who explains how he wants us to do something & why.

God’s truth & wisdom can come to us in many different ways.  We must be alert and aware, actively looking & listening for it, or we will miss it.  If we fill our head with God’s Word, we will extend the vocabulary of our understanding and will be less likely to miss His word to us when He speaks to us through any avenue.


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