Obey My Authority Figure, Are You Kidding?

One of the harder scriptures to follow is the story of the Centurion talking to Jesus about authority.  He stated that to “have authority you have to be under authority”.  Humm, you mean if I am out of sync with my authority figure then I am vulnerable.  Yep!

That’s a bit of a stretch isn’t it?  Well, to those of us who are pretty much ego driven it may seem to be a stretch, but in all reality that concept is one more way God has set things up for our protection.  Authority figures in our lives are smaller icons of God Himself.  If we fight with our authority figure then we are fighting with God’s representative.

In our culture today we don’t like to have anyone tell us what to do.  America leads the world in placing great value on rugged individualism.  One of the greatest complaints for workers is that the boss is too bossy.  We like to do what we think is best and the way we prefer to do it.  By placing such value on individualism we fail to recognize that the real issue is, in fact, nothing more than naked ego.  Ego demands that we be correct and others incorrect.  Ego thrives on competition and tolerates win-lose only.  I win, you lose, even if you are my authority figure.  Ego will not accept a win-win solution; nor will it tolerate my obedience to that authority figure unless I agree with them.

The Centurion was correct 2000 years ago.  If we are to exert authority, we must be subject to an authority figure ourselves.  Sorry Charlie, we may get away with fighting with our bosses for awhile, but eventually it will cost us dearly,


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