Absorb The Blame – Spread The Praise

One of the most glorious ministries we can have is serving others by spreading the praise.  Everyone likes to feel needed and appreciated and there is no better way to receive that than to be praised for something you did.  Unfortunately, it feels so good that there is usually a long line of people standing there trying to find a way to get credit for a successful project even if they only contributed a miniscule effort.  No matter, find a way to give others the praise that you receive.  If nothing else we can always include them as a group when praise comes our way.  Share the praise even if they didn’t do much, so what, if they did anything at all, include them.

Now the other part, the hard part, absorbing the blame.  This can get tricky because it can carry us dangerously close to telling an untruth, and besides, the line will be long with people wanting to skate out from under the responsibility for the failure.  So, how do we actually pull this off.  Let’s say a project we were involved in was unsuccessful.  You can see the blame clouds forming on the horizon to drench you with rain.  Now is your moment.  Step up and say something like, “I feel terrible about the way this project turned out and I hope all of you can forgive me for not doing all that was in my power to do.  Next time, I will try to do better.”  Perhaps you might find a few others that were involved stepping forward to agree and expressing the same thought about themselves.  But, even if no one comes to your side, let them off the hook of failure by acknowledging your own short comings.  After all, your effort wasn’t perfect was it?  Why point the blame at another, even if their part in the failure is greater than your own.  It’s over.  Move on.  Give everyone a bye, and start afresh.

Jesus calls us to serve others.  Sometimes we have to serve them the way they emotionally need it.  Absorb the blame – Share the praise.  They will love you for it!


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