Parish Community Needs Photo Directory To Know Itself

The Parish is a group of people who are gathered for worship on Sunday and at other times for various events.  It is a grouping of people with many different viewpoints, many different attitudes, and many different models of what Church is all about.  It is that diversity that builds tolerance and patience and characterized the Body of Christ in all its fullness.

Diversity is the key word in the health of a Parish.  Unity does not mean uniformity.  We are not clones.  We are different and we are healthiest when we celebrate our differences.  Each part of the Parish stands up for its viewpoint and by doing so it presents a much larger image of Christ, present in His Body, gathered in His name.

St. William is made up of 800+ families and 2,200 total people.  That’s a lot of diversity and a lot of health.  In Msgr. Kenneally, our Pastor, we have the benefit of his many years of experience dealing with the diversity of today’s modern parish.

To help each of us know our brothers and sisters, we will be preparing a Parish Picture Directory.  LifeTouch is one of the largest companies in the United States and will take our photos and bind them into the final directory.  Each family will have the option of purchasing packages of photos for its own use at home.

LifeTouch provides a feature whereby you can schedule the time you prefer to have your pictures taken.  Go to the Parish webpage at and click on the second article right under Msgr’s picture and a scheduling page will come up.  You can then follow the online directions to select your preferred time.  A reminder will be sent to you about a week before your scheduled time.

If you are one who has shied away from having your picture taken and included in previous directories because of a concern for privacy, we surely understand, but remember in this day and time a lot is already known about you.  Hopefully, you will respond and be a part of this wonderful activity.


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