Are You A Skimmer Or A Borer?

We humans are a varied mixture of talents, weaknesses, inclinations, insights, purposes, etc.

We share many things in common with one another, but we also have our own ‘bag’ so to speak that makes us unique.

One trait that does separate us is how deeply we delve into a subject.

Some of us are skimmers.  We skim over the top of many many topics and know a little about a lot and go deeply into only a few.

Some of us are borers.  We ignore the many different topics but bore down deeply in the ones that interest us.

Each tendency has advantages.  Those who skim make good supervisors.  They know enough about a lot of things to keep their team moving forward efficiently.

Borers know a great deal about a few things, but others can count on them to go deep enough to complete the job.  As someone once said, somewhat derisively, a PhD knows more and more about less and less.  Derisive intent or not, the statement holds some truth.

Both tendencies complement each other.  Each calls the other to be their best self.

Determine which you are, a skimmer or a borer.  Know which your friends are and appeal to them in their strength.  Call them to be what they are best at.

In His divine wisdom, God has created us to need one another to bring about His kingdom.

PS:  How do you relate to the Lord?  Do you relate to Him as a skimmer and know tons of stuff about Him at a shallow level or are you a borer who bores deeply into relationship with Him?


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