That Was Then, This Is Now!

Surely those words, “That was then, this is now” must come from the Lord millions of times each day.  So many of us carry around our past and the guilt that goes with it.  We struggle to receive God’s forgiveness and move on.  Yet, that is exactly what He tells us to do.

Maybe as teenagers we caused our parents grief as we struggled with individuation and now today as we all get older we feel badly about our behavior toward our parents.  We’ve told them hundreds of times how we wish we had not acted the way we did.  They’ve told us each of those hundreds of times that they have long ago forgiven us, and how proud they are of us now.

Maybe we caused some other form of hurt to another person, being unfaithful, being mean-spirited, taking something that did not belong to us, whatever, there are times when asking forgiveness just doesn’t seem to be enough.  It is at those times that being a member of a sacramental church that offers a formal confession experience is worth its weight in gold.  The grace that flows from that sacrament can make all the difference in being able to lay down our guilt and move on with our life.


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