What In The World Were You Thinking, Lord?

Sometimes when the tragedies begin to pile up one after another we are tempted to ask the Lord what He is doing.  “Is all this tragedy redemptive?”  We cry out, “I’m already crushed in spirit, Lord, was this latest tragedy really necessary?”

Ah, here we see the conflict between the finite and the infinite.  What does not make sense to us makes perfect sence to the Almighty who sees far beyond out ability to see.  He is aways balancing the overall good with the specific good and manages not to violate our will in the process.

The fact is that suffering and death are huge topics.  They are so huge that we cannot reason through them.  They are more than we can fathom.  As such, they qualify to be called, mystery.  And, mystery is good for us because it reminds us that we are not God, and He really does not have to answer to us, hence, we find our proper perspective to God.  He is God, and we are not.


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