Be Grateful For All The People In My Life? Are You Kidding Me?

Someone told me years ago that I should be grateful for all the people in my life.  It sounded like one of those gregarious statements that are made but no one takes seriously.  How can they?  Some of the people in my life try my soul to the max, so why would I be grateful for them?

Well, I go to the gym three days a week to ‘try’ my muscles so that I will become stronger.  Is it just possible that God has so arranged our lives that the ‘trying’ people are part of His plan to strengthen us.  Hmmm, probably.

He even told us in the Book of Matthew, that “what we do to the least of our brothers, we do to Him”.  So, who are the least of our brothers?  The ones who try our souls get my vote for the least of my brothers’ title.  Do you mean that the way I treat those people who try my soul, is equivalent to how I treat God?  Yes (sigh)…


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