Do I Really Have To Tell The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth?

Oh how we like to spin the story to make us look a little better.  We know we shouldn’t, but still we spin the story.  We want so bad to be better than we really are.  How will others ever love me if they know how weak I really am.  I’ll include all the facts, Lord, all I want is to make me look better than I really am.

“Anxiety is the sign of poverty of spirit denied”, author unknown.  Translation: I want to deny my weaknesses, but doing so brings me anxiety.  The call for us is to admit our weakness, and if others have a problem with that, then let them work it out for themselves.  Some will cover their own weakness and laud our weakness over us as if they were better than we are.  Is our ego so puny that we can’t deal with that.  Can’t we choose to refuse invitations to pit our ego against another’s ego.  If we do, we will enjoy less anxiety in our lives.


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