When The Good Comes, Sometimes It Surprises Us

A good friend had received some devastating news from their doctor about a medical condition that could be fatal.  They prayed and asked others to pray for a seemingly unlikely good result in spite of the news.  The Doctor had not been encouraging and in fact had painted a somewhat hopeless picture.

Praying for a positive result was clearly praying for a miracle of physical healing.  It was asking God to suspend the natural laws and intervene with His almighty power.  The sacrament of healing through anointing with sacred oil was received.  Masses were offered.  Daily prayers appealing to God were sent up.  Hope was in the air…

Then the news came.  “All is well”.  The worst did not happen.  God had decided to intervene and provide His healing.  Wow!  Is this even possible?  Short answer shorter, “With God all things are possible”.  Why this time for this person and not other times for other people?  Did this person deserve it more than others?  Who knows God’s ways – they are a mystery.  For whatever His reasons, this was His most loving response that fit in His plans for all concerned.  A great big awesome humbling, “Thank You, dear Lord”


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